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Harmonious Gardens: 4 Companion Planting Charts for Fruits, Veggies, Herbs, and More

Coping with chronic pain and using companion planting charts to grow your own food
I used companion planting for tomatoes, carrots, herbs, peppers, and cucumbers in this first iteration of my west-side garden
One of the charms of gardening is companion planting, a practice that allows you to design your garden as a whole, living entity. Certain plants share an innate compatibility that goes beyond their aesthetics or taste, creating an ecosystem of balance and synergy.
As one plant releases chemical signals into the soil, it stimulates the growth of another. The outcome deters pests, enhances flavors, and fosters exquisite botanical companionship.
This ancient agricultural practice isn’t just about arranging plants; it’s artistry. Each participant contributes unique strengths. Ultimately you’ll cultivate a garden where the whole is remarkably greater than the sum of its parts.

The companion planting charts below are notes and ideas I’ve picked up through research and trial and error.  Hopefully these charts help you to create your own ecosystem of balance and artistry!

Companion Planting Chart for Vegetables:

Companion Planting Chart for Fruits:

Companion Planting Chart for Herbs:

Herbs A-D:

Herbs E-Z:

Ornamental and Other Plants:

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