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About Jen’s Blogs:

My blogs are all focused on helping others achieve their goals and live their best life. From art demonstrations to horse trails, chronic Lyme to horses with muscle disorders. Feel free to subscribe, comment, and share anything that interests you!


Research-based blogs for horses and humans with health issues:

Herbs for healing Lyme, alternatives to medicine
Creative Herbals

Surviving chronic Lyme – here you’ll find Jen’s natural strategies for living, farming, and coping day to day through herbs, food, organization, and daily practices.

Coping with Chronic Pain - Understanding the Cause of Pain, Exercise for Inflammation, and 4 Tricks I Use to Live My Best Life
PSSM – Jax’s Story

Resources for PSSM horses and owners – feed and management info, tack reviews for sensitive horses, testing information, training a sensitive horse, and more!

Hobby blogs for your fun and creative side:

Surviving chronic Lyme disease through hobbies - Creative Herbals
Horse Art & Online Classes

Clay Artist Jen Pratt specializing in horse art and clay sculpture demonstrations.  This blog includes artworks for sale by Jen!


Trails & Photography

Find horse trails, walking trails, abandoned photography, and more! Midwest US focusing on MO, AR, OK.

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