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Lyme Diet Meal Planning: Healing Foods, Dash Diet Recipes, and More

Lyme Diet Meal Planning: Carb Sensitive Diet For Healing Lyme

A big focus in my Lyme management is herbal remedies, but healing foods, dash diet recipes for heart health, exercise, and stress reduction are all a big part of what keeps me feeling well. Everything in my Lyme diet, from recipes and food, to herbs and supplements, is shown here in effort to give you some ideas on ways to heal yourself, whether you have a chronic health issue or not!

My Lyme Diet:

I practice small-batch meal planning, relying on a higher protein and/or fiber breakfast that can be prepared in 4-7 day batches, and casseroles for lunch/dinner meal planning.  Standing in one place is often very uncomfortable for me, so the easier these dishes are, the better!

Breakfast Meal Planning:

Breakfasts include chia yogurt that I make in 5-7 day batches, along with either a banana or some sausage.  Since I need lower sodium intake, I buy one pound packages of ground pork, divide it into four, and cook four patties – giving me four days of additional protein.  I do this at least once per week and have bananas on days I don’t have any pork.

Sometimes I’ll mix up a fruit salad for breakfast, and I’ll usually have a few days of meals from that. I usually do an herbal tea with or right after breakfast.

Lunch and Dinner

On days that I don’t have any casseroles, large pots of spaghetti or chili, or other leftovers, I usually bake some fish or chicken for dinner.  Making large bowls of herbal salad is a great way to meal plan a side dish, and can even be the main course (especially for lunch) with some shredded chicken added for additional protein.

My Lyme Diet: Healing Foods for Chronic Ailments

The power of eating healthy unfolds transformation, particularly for those in the throes of chronic illness. With every bite, we paint the canvas of our well-being, crafting a narrative of renewal and resilience.
The foods we choose become more than sustenance, but potent allies that engage with our bodies at the cellular level. Nutrient-dense foods contain antioxidants that defend against inflammation, while vitamins and minerals form a bridge to vitality. Whole foods do this without the use of potentially harmful additives; organic foods without pesticide residues. Ethically produced meats provide protein, iron, B vitamins, and more without antibiotics.
Eating healthy isn’t a mere chore; it’s a journey that transcends the plate, forging a link between nourishment and vibrancy, even in the face of chronic challenges.

Herbal Remedies for Chronic Lyme:

There are thousands of herbs, many available to us from our own back yard, so this is just a very quick primer into the large world of herbs. If you don’t find what you’re looking for here, keep searching; different herbs affect us in different ways, and a set of herbs that work for me and my specific issues may not be the right herbs for you!

That said, when you find the right herbs you’ll know, because they can make a huge difference in your overall health.

Each herb post has many sections including my personal use and experiences with these herbs, and my experience using them for my horse and other animals when applicable.

As with the rest of this site, this is an ongoing process and a labor of love, and subject to my good and bad days. There will be more to come on these pages!

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