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Herbalism: Using Herbs For Healing Chronic Lyme And Other Ailments Naturally

Herbalism: Herbs For Healing Chronic Lyme And Other Ailments Naturally

Herbalism for Healing Chronic Lyme

Herbalism is the practice of using herbs for healing and as a form of alternative medicine.  Using diet, exercise, and other alternate modalities to enhance your life can be rewarding, but also a very daunting journey.

This journey is only possible if you break things down and make gradual changes and steps to better your life.

After years of disappointment in trying to find the root of my health issues, I finally started looking into herbalism and other alternatives to medicine including exercise and yoga, a better diet, and keeping stress at bay. 

This led me on a journey of discovery in learning about the amazing medicinal properties of herbal remedies.

While I put a large focus on healing Lyme in this section, there are herbs here for multiple health issues.

There are thousands of herbs, many available to us from our own back yard, so this is just a very quick primer into the large world of herbs for healing purposes.

If you don’t find what you’re looking for here, keep searching; different herbs affect us in different ways, and a set of herbs that work for me and my specific issues may not be the right herbs for you!

When you find the right herbs you’ll know, because they can make a huge difference in your overall health!

I’ve recently discovered my love of herbal teas, and have been using different blends (common store bought brands, so anyone can get them!) to good effect for multiple issues. Teas are an amazing way to get the benefits of herbs, without buying them individually and mixing into foods and drinks. 

Click here for more on herbal teas and herbal coffee recipes!


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