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Home Sweet Home: Living Your Best Life With Chronic Lyme

Home Sweet Home: Living Your Best Life With Chronic Lyme

Reducing Stress and Living Your Best Life

Living your best life with Chronic Lyme is not about denying the hurdles. It’s about discovering hidden pockets of joy; connecting mind, body, and soul; and cultivating a spirit of adaptability. It’s a journey that unveils the power of self-discovery and the ability to find beauty in the midst of adversity. It’s about discovering not only your own path but illuminating the way for others who tread the same road.
For me, living my best life meant shedding the weight of decades-long struggles. We let go of our houses in the city to start over. A project that I didn’t want, but that eventually became one of my favorite projects of all time is “Gilda May.” She’s my home sweet home – a 1970’s relic of a trailer that fate somehow led us to in 2016.
A vintage trailer might not seem like the poster child for “living my best life,” but it’s not the interior that steals the spotlight; it’s the boundless outdoor canvas it unfurled before us. Gilda May isn’t just a home; she’s a portal to a realm of infinite possibilities, where the simplicity of nature orchestrates a symphony of unanticipated serenity.

From city girl (which I hated) to country (my roots), from working for others to working for myself. It’s possible to live your best life with chronic illness – you just have to get creative!


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