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Living Your Best Life: Personal Stories on Reducing Stress and Managing Chronic Lyme Symptoms

Living Your Best Life: Personal Stories on Reducing Stress and Managing Chronic Lyme Symptoms

Living your best life with a chronic ailment: treating Lyme disease involves a combination of life management techniques, Lyme research, stress reduction, and so much more. Dietary and herbal management, reducing stress, making daily tasks efficient and self-sufficient – these are the big areas of my life that I had to alter to bring healing.

Lyme disease, autoimmune issues, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue… These are hard issues to deal with, and with Lyme being the great imitator, I’ve had symptoms of all the above.  Learning how to treat Lyme disease naturally has been a long journey, but as I sit here in my 40’s feeling better than I did in my 20’s, it’s well worth it!

Efficiency is a major way to limit daily stressors, thereby reducing Lyme symptoms.   Building a comfortable life includes so many small life hacks, and individual life pathways that seem contrary to the regular norms of life.  One major trick to living your best life with a chronic ailment is to find your own path and own it, knowing that path can and will change over time.

This is why I’ve added this section of personal stories and some of my extra Lyme research that doesn’t fit into the daily food and exercise regimen – finding the path to living your best life may take a bit more creativity than you ever imagined, and will look nothing like what you had planned for yourself based on contemporary norms; but that’s okay.  This is about you.  Find what works for you!

Living Your Best Life Through Research:

This section focuses on seeking health through Lyme research, and includes issues related to my personal journey. Here you’ll find research on strange symptoms including tendons and soft tissue that won’t heal, along with some of my personal symptoms and experiences that I’ve not seen mentioned in other places. Hopefully this section will shed some light on often overlooked issues in treating Lyme disease and other ailments that others may be dealing with!

Book Reviews:

Coming soon!  Everything from cook books, to yoga poses, to holistic health books and herbal resources – this section will contain some of the top books I love, both specifically for treating Lyme disease and for other tips and ideas for living my best life. 

My Personal Stories on Finding Home:

Living your best life with Chronic Lyme is not about denying the hurdles. It’s about discovering hidden pockets of joy; connecting mind, body, and soul; and cultivating a spirit of adaptability. It’s a journey that unveils the power of self-discovery and the ability to find beauty in the midst of adversity. It’s about discovering not only your own path but illuminating the way for others who tread the same road.
For me, living my best life meant shedding the weight of decades-long struggles. We let go of our houses in the city to start over. A project that I didn’t want, but that eventually became one of my favorite projects of all time is “Gilda May.” She’s my home sweet home – a 1970’s relic of a trailer that fate somehow led us to in 2016.

From city girl (which I hated) to country (my roots), from working for others to working for myself. It’s possible to live your best life with chronic illness – you just have to get creative!

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