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Surviving Chronic Lyme Disease and Living Your Best Life

Meet Jen Pratt: I’m an artist, web designer, and passionate horse enthusiast. But beyond these facets lies a journey that has shaped who I am today.

From a young age, I navigated a labyrinth of peculiar ailments, a puzzle that confounded conventional medical understanding. Western medicine offered little solace, pushing me to seek answers beyond the ordinary. It wasn’t until my late 30s that the pieces fell into place: Chronic Lyme disease. This revelation ignited a profound transformation in my life.

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About Jen and chronic Lyme Disease

Fueled by a newfound purpose, I embarked on a voyage of self-discovery. Herbs became my allies, exercise my remedy, and wholesome nutrition my foundation. A change took root as I cultivated my nourishment. Organic produce, ethically raised meats, and sustainable herbs took center stage in my diet. Through this, the chains of my symptoms began to loosen, granting me a taste of genuine relief.

But my aspirations don’t stop with diet alone. On my horse farm, I’m drawing inspiration from the intricate dance of permaculture and food forestry. Breathing life into what’s already present, I’m crafting a future where every element harmonizes; where the graceful strength of horses begets the richness of the soil, bringing life to herbs and crops alike.

So, here’s to embracing the past’s hardships and fashioning a future of vitality. I’m Jen Pratt, and my story is one of resilience, restoration, and the unwavering spirit that blooms when we harmonize with the rhythms of nature. I’m sharing my story in the hope that it will help others to heal and live their best lives.

Thrive, not just survive – this is my motto when it comes to chronic Lyme disease.

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Finding natural remedies for Lyme disease is just one of my many interests!  I have three other niche websites:

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This blog will forever be a work in progress, as there are always ways to build efficiency, new herbs to try, and so much more. Thrive, not just survive – this is my motto when it comes to chronic Lyme disease. That’s a tall order, but I feel is doable with the right tools and information.

I do my best to work on my blogs often, but summer is dedicated to horses and major farm and house projects, so things always slow down during that season. Brain fog and other Lyme neuro issues make coming up with new posts next to impossible, so during flares I’m usually fairly quiet on my blogs, so please be patient with my inability to post as often as I’d like.

I hope this blog will help others in the same way that these tricks have helped me. God bless, and I hope you find ways to live your best life.

– Jen

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